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How to prepare your skin for your Big Day!!!

Having a zit pop up before a big event is the worst thing that can happen to us!! Not to mention if it is your Wedding Day.Somehow it seems acne appears at the most inconvenient moments. Ideally you would never have any acne, but here is how to prevent it on your big day!!

Important events such as a birthday, an interview for your dream job, or your wedding day can be stressful. The process of preparing and anxiously waiting for these types of events can build up our stress levels. Stress releases a hormone named cortisol, which produces oil. Your Pores will then open to release the excess oil. As a result, dirt will build up in your pores, causing black heads and milia.

It is important that when you feel stressed and notices your skin changing, that you clean your skin with extractions. The ideal type of facial to prepare for a big event and clean out pores is the Deep Cleansing Facial.


The deep cleansing facial is the most recommended kind of facial when looking to receive extractions! I’m completely against popping your own pimples as it only makes the problem worst. Trying to fix a breakout on your own isn’t always the best idea. The most common mistakes my client’s make when having breakouts is using facial scrubs, or facial brushes, the worst! . Not only are these two methods rough on your skin, but they also spread bacteria causing more acne.

There are many steps to the deep cleansing facial and they all come together for the key step  ‘’extractions”. The reason skin improves after a deep cleansing facial is because of the removal of blackheads and milia. This removal can only be done manually by extracting every clogged pore and leaving it clean to prevent an infection. Of course, each step is important and the combination of everything makes this facial the best facial to prepare your skin for any big occasion!


check out the next post to learn about the steps to the deep cleansing facial