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4-6 Week Touch Up


The Procedure / What to Expect?

  • The first hour of your appointment is the consultation where we customize the thickness, shape, and look you desire for your eyebrows. Once the design process is finished, the procedure begins.
  • The technique, pattern, and methods used are completely unique to each client and the design is created to deliver a natural, defined brow.
  • This procedure requires at least two appointments, depending on your skin type.
  • Your eyebrows from the first appointment will fade  
  • 20 – 30% , so you need to schedule a 4 – 8 week touch up to solidify the results.

Different Methods We Offer:

Machine Shading /  Ombre Brows / Powder Brows:

  • A machine  is used to insert layers of dots into the skin to imitate the look of powder.   
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • This method replaces the look of powder makeup  
  • Considered permanent and can last 1-2 years before needing a color refresh.


  • This method involves using a manual tool to insert hair-like strokes into the skin using pigment.
  • Best for normal skin types  
  • Semi- permanent
  • Requires 2 – 3 consecutive sessions, depending on your skin type, to completely implement & perfect the results
  • Lasts 6 -12 months after touch up/s
  • Does not replace the look of makeup, if you are used to filling in your brows with powder make up or pencil, this will not replace that.
  • More frequent touch ups may be needed for clients who have oilier skin or clients who have regular amounts of sun exposure, will experience quicker fading.         

Combination Microblading & Machine Shading:

2 Optional Methods:

Strokes & Shading Throughout Entire Brow OR

Strokes In Front Followed By Shading

  • Our favorite & most popular method
  • Great for all skin types
  • Most of clients need shading added to microblading because it fills in those gaps between the hairstrokes with a powdered look for a fuller brow.
  • If you are apprehensive that the Ombre look is not natural enough, the combination of strokes & shading is perfect.

Please fill out this Contact form. An expert will recommend a method based on seeing a picture of your bare brows.