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Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding

If there’s one mistake brides make consistently, it’s that they leave their makeup decisions for the last minute. The dress is picked out almost immediately, the hair trial is set up shortly thereafter, and even the bridesmaids’ dresses are top of the list.

Did you consider, however, the face you will be presenting to your handsome husband-to-be, your families, friends and even your children? (They will see the photographs someday.) Are you going to go with something dramatic or natural? Will you do your own makeup, or hire a professional? If you choose a professional, will you also use airbrush makeup, or traditional makeup?

The other mistake brides make, once they’ve made their makeup decisions, is that they cake on the foundation (or allow their professional, or sister or buddy) because they think it’s going to look better in the pictures. You absolutely do not want to do this. The end result is totally unnatural, and you’ll just wind up looking like you’re wearing theater makeup. Even worse, if you sweat, cry or even smile too much, that stuff will run and look cracked and caked. That, I’m sure is absolutely not the memory you want the photographer to capture.

If you want a natural, lovely glow on your wedding day, consider hiring a professional to give you airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun, which disperses the foundational makeup as a fine mist on one’s face, which creates a thin, light layer that is hardly noticeable to the wearer. It’s long-wearing (up to 16 hours), and will create a flawless appearance. If there’s one day that you want to look flawless, it’s your wedding day.

I’m personally not a person who wears a lot of makeup on a daily basis. On my wedding day, I want a lovely, light, and natural look for my makeup; I don’t want a layer of foundation sponged all over my face, and not just because I only wear it maybe five times a year. I don’t want to be distracted with that caked-on or cracked feeling, and I didn’t want to have to run to the bathroom several times to check that my makeup wasn’t running looking yucky. Airbrush makeup was the perfect route to take, and I felt beautiful all evening—without that feeling of layers or worry that I needed a refresher.

There are even some silicone-based makeups that are completely waterproof. Trust me when I say that this, while perhaps slightly more expensive, is totally worth it. If you’re like me and weep over internet videos, you know that you’re going to bawl like an infant at your wedding and you will absolutely want that makeup to stay put while you do so.

It won’t transfer to clothing, so there won’t be any weird brown stains on your beautiful wedding dress that you’re planning to pass down to your future daughter or on Grandma’s dress that’s been handed down to you. If you’re wearing gloves, you won’t have to worry every time you touch your face to wipe a joyous tear that your white-clad fingers will be tinged brown — eww.

Really, there’s no downside to airbrush makeup. Hire yourself a professional that you trust and get that beautiful look that you desire for your special day. Smile for those pictures knowing that your face looks flawless and that your makeup is exactly what you want it to be—light, natural, and staying in place.